Urban Observatories

An urban observatory is a local network of stakeholders responsible for producing, analyzing and disseminating data on a meaningful set of indicators that reflect collectively prioritized issues on sustainable development in a given area or country.
A focal point for urban monitoring at the local or national level, provides a platform to facilitate data collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting on performance against different indicators, and supports effective knowledge exchange and evidence-based governance.

Geoclip; A Geostatistical Tool

Online Observatories, Interactive Mapping And Dynamic Reports

An interactive application that gives you the chance to compare maps of administrative areas of Saudi Arabia from one location. It aims to make the Saudi data both understandable and useful.

Customize Your Experience

Customizable Homepage, user-friendly for public users and admin control

Develop, create, research, learn and discover your Data in accordance with International and Saudi Nation Standards.

Hundreds of Indicators…

Fully loaded with the largest set of indicators in Saudi Arabia

Interactive thematic and statistical web mapping, intuitive navigation and spatial selection tools, state-of-the-art statistical analyzes, tailor-made dashboards and portraits of Saudi Administrative Areas.

Form Your Insight

Visualize indicators on maps, tables and charts in Reports.

You can compare your data and visualize them based on its statistical type in a comprehensive integrative interface. In addition, you can select multiple indicators at the same time and switch to view the data.